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about us

Hi, we are a young international team that came together to grow, cook, serve food, and spice things up a bit.



We are a young couple Gosia is an IT geek and Jedrzej is a Chef.

 As we have been traveling around the world and living in different countries, we have been experiencing food and everything related to it. We moved to Mallorca from the USA where we lived in San Francisco, where Gosia was working as a BI specialist and Andy was working in restaurants such as Mister Jius*, Commis*, street food project know from Antony Bourdain's series Rice Paper Scissors and working on his pop-ups. Before that, we have been working and living in a different part of Europe, Denmark, Poland, England. Andys food definitely is focusing on Asian food culture represented in local produce and vibe. In Poland and San Francisco, we have been growing our own produce, both on a professional farm and at our backyards, which gives us some little background to what we are doing now.

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What we do at Farm To Table Mallorca is a very unique experience which is a combination of going back to the idea of small local “inns” which are growing food for themselves and they source all from the area they are in and all modern movement of “0km” or “sustainable farming”. What we offer or at least what to achieve by what we are doing is the feeling of community ( as for our guests and as for us) and being able to provide as authentic food as it is possible. What we plan to achieve is not to be only people doing it, we are very joyful to share the knowledge that we have and we believe that with more places like ours, the food industry and food distribution can change.



You will meet him both by the bar and in the kitchen, he has amazing skills in communication, storytelling, and food knowledge. Axel was born in Argentina, has been traveling around the world for the last 5 years, and has chosen Mallorca to settle for a while. With great experience in the hospitality field, he has worked in the Netherlands, France, Greece, Australia, and the UK. He loves meeting new people and practicing languages, he can speak a little Italian, French, Portuguese, English, and Spanish is his mother tongue.

Stop him when you can and for sure you will not get bored with his stories


Heart, soul, and beauty of Farm to Table.

She will be the first one to welcome you and she will help you with anything that you need.

All the look on the farm is thanks to her, her imagination and ideas make each detail worth looking at.

Ashley comes from San Diego and she moved to Mallorca following the love of her life,

ask her about it, it is some story!

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