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Organic Produce : Exploring Mallorca's Sustainable Agriculture

Founded in 2020, Andy and his wife Gosia began farming in a small plot of land and a modest house in Bunyola, Mallorca. As they gained experience and a deeper understanding of the importance of organic cultivation, they sought to expand the farm and provide a larger space to cultivate the vision.


''Our search led us to Felanitx, where we established in a traditional Mallorcan farmhouse, reflecting our dedication to preserving the island's heritage while embracing sustainable agricultural methods. Every aspect of our farm land has been built by hand, ensuring that our environment aligns with our organic principles from the very beginning.


At the heart of our farming practices lies a profound respect for nature and a commitment to working in harmony with the land. We adhere strictly to organic farming methods, forgoing the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides in favor of nurturing biodiversity and promoting the natural balance of ecosystems. Our crops thrive under these conditions, yielding produce that is pure, wholesome, and free from artificial interventions.


From planting to harvesting, we take a hands-on approach, minimizing the use of machinery and embracing traditional Mallorcan farming techniques. By tending to our crops personally, we foster a deeper connection with the land and ensure the utmost care in every step of the cultivation process. Additionally, our farm extends beyond vegetable cultivation, encompassing vibrant flowers and a cherished flock of chickens and ducks, each contributing to the rich tapestry of our agricultural landscape.''

And now that we have expanded our farm, we also have a larger team. What began as a family business, with our close-knit family assisting in building the farm, has grown into a more extensive project. We take great pride in constructing everything from the ground up, and we are passionate about sharing our knowledge with others.

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Mallorca, Spain

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