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Founded in 2020 by Andy and his wife Gosia, the story began on a small plot of land in Mallorca. Their journey into farming deepened their understanding of natural cultivation, fostering connections with local Mallorcan farmers and agricultural experts from around the world. Driven by passion, they introduced a farm-to-table experience in their home at the beginning of 2020.


A few years later, they moved to a traditional Mallorcan farmhouse, allowing for larger events. With their project and family growing, a new chapter began as they moved to a new location. What started as a family endeavor has blossomed into a larger venture, starting collaboration with like-minded individuals who appriciate natural food and a harmonious lifestyle. 


The heart of the experience is our kitchen, led by Andy, a Michelin-trained chef. His global travels and experiences with top chefs have shaped his unique approach to cooking. Andy’s passion for an active, outdoor lifestyle fuels his desire to create events that celebrate food and community in nature.


Andy’s cooking is a reflection of his love for people and nature. He accommodates all dietary restrictions and is always eager to share the inspirations behind his dishes and the stories of the produce. At the end of each evening, Andy makes it a point to personally connect with guests, fostering a sense of community and shared experience. His belief in the power of nature and human connection is what led him to carry on this project, creating an inviting space where every meal is a celebration of life’s simple pleasures. 

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