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Our menu changes depending on the availability of ingredients from our farm at the moment. We always ensure to use fresh ingredients harvested on the day of the event. Therefore, please note that the menu may vary on the actual day of the event.

Small Plates:

Sourdough Bread Board Homemade Goat Cheese with Rosemary, Pepper Relish, Miso Butter with Fresh Oregano, Basil Oil, Mallorcan Olives, Padrones.



Fermented beet foam with goat's yogurt


Main Course:

Fire-Baked Fish Wrapped in Leaves, Lemon, Olive Oil, Fleur de sel

Thai fried rice with beet leaves, pepper and thai basil

Burmese salad with kale, fermented tea, swiss chard and kohlrabi

Refreshing cucumber salad with preserved lemon, cream, wild fennel and oregano

Roasted farm vegetables with fermented miso dressing and asian peanuts



Gato Farm Fruit, Honey Pollen, Meringue, Wild Fennel


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Mallorca, Spain

Whatsapp : +34 634 789 881

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